Contractors equipment sales in Chicago, IL

Standards of ethical conduct that we have been following since 1955:
  • We believe that our integrity and reputation are based on fair dealings with our employees, customers, and manufacturing suppliers.

  • We endeavor to protect the competitive enterprise system and to comply with all laws and regulations designed to safeguard that system.

  • We conduct our business in a spirit of fairness to all and devotion to high ideals of honesty and courtesy.

  • We adhere to proper and ethical standards of soliciting business. We will not make false or disparaging statements, either written or oral, or circulate harmful rumors about a competitor’s product, selling practices, business, financial or personal standards.

  • We recognize our obligation to honestly represent, support and service the products we merchandise.

  • We comply in every way with the laws, rules and regulations which have application to our businesses and to the operation of trade associations serving our industry.
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